Saturday, August 20, 2016

Times Out ! (End of the OzCHI 24 Hours Challenge 2016)

3... 2... 1..., the OzCHI 24 Hours Challenge have been times out. We are successful to finish the challenge, it was out of our expectation. Before the challenge start we are expected that we can't finish with the time given, but end up we successful to finish everything in less than 24 hours. Lastly, we hope we can get shortlisted, but if we didn't get shortlisted it still worth for us because we have been done a challenge that we never done before and this challenge also given us a great chance to gather all of us in one place. :)

The Easy Interface

TeamID : 2016012

Our Prototype is finally here, which also mean the OzCHI 24 Hours challenge is going to end very soon. 

The main objective we decide to create this system is mainly for elder person to use the tablet easily by the system we create.

The main function that we include in our system is the Health and Emergency. In health  features, it may help to save and record the next checkup of the user and the doctor’s information will be displayed such as the photo and the name of the doctor. In additional, the details of the checkup may insert by the doctor or the user.

Another important features in our system is the Emergency button. It is very useful for the elderly who are stay alone. This features will worked when the user have faced some problem or some incident have happened, all they need to do is just click on the emergency button, it will automatically contact the emergency contact person where they have been saved at the beginning.

To find out more about this system please watch the video below.

Time To Sleep

Good Morning, after more than 10 hours we struggle and it was almost 2AM in Malaysia now, around 6 hours left to the end of the challenge. Time to get some rest before we do our final stage before submit.

Mini Challenge 3

TeamID : 2016012

Coming soon, our first user interface for elderly.

Mini Challenge 2

TeamID : 2016012

              The needs for an interaction design is that an interface that are simple to used, visible to see and provide help for hearing disability. For example, Facebook’s interface design. It is small and complex for older people to use. The interface design can mostly be understood by youngsters and adults but not older people. Besides that, who has this needs are the older people that wants to try something new. The reason why the needs is not well-addressed enough it is because most of the older adults are not technology savvy. Nevertheless, they don’t have the confidence to try out technology due to their disability and also there is no one to guide them on how to use it. This need can be a challenge for some designers because the designers must be able to put themselves into their shoes in order to come out a good interaction design for the elderly. Lastly, the designers are must be able to understand the complexity faced by the older adults. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Mini Challenge 1

Hello we are back, Our task is to create a contextual diagram of what " Healthy Ageing ". Picture above is our contextual diagram of " Healthy Ageing ".

Breakfast Of The Day

Our breakfast menu for the day ~

Having out breakfast while participating ozCHI24.